WLBP - Welsh Mountain Sheep

WLBP logoSmartData were commissioned to create a basic content managed website for WLBP in order to provide information related to Welsh Mountain Sheep sales. 

The chosen Content Mansgement Systsem was Joomla and, along side other WLBP CMS websites, the content is maintained my WLBP staff using Joomla's simple management interface.



Innovis Genetics Ltd - Marketing

A subsidiary of Innovis Ltd, that manages a number of nucleus flocks for the purpose of creating hybrid animals for the food industry. 

As part of ongoing application modifications to the original system developed to manage the company's client base and animal tracking, SmartData were commissioned to implement a number of additional features. These new additions were designed to increase the efficiency of client conversions by making use of existing information, displaying summaries in a manner which was more meaningful to staff and also to implement an advanced search function that would allow for direct targeting of clients. The advanced search allows Innovis to utilise almost all of the underlying data values and build up complex searches which would then be used for mail merges or general followups and also used to automatically update system information such as correspondence records.


UWA - Sports Science

Aber Uni logoAn intranet resource bookings application for the Aberystwyth Universities Sports Science Department.

This is a Ruby on Rails web application which features a calender based timetabling and resource booking system with drag drop functionalilty for staff & students to choose resources to book.

The system also implements a series of business rules (training, ethics, user type) to ensure users are entitled to book the available resources.

It integrates with the Universities centralised user authentication system to provide secure login for department staff & students.

AA International - GM Calculator

Techtalk logoAn online gross margin calculator for AA International's TechTalk International Service.

AgriTechTalk International CIC is a Community Interest Company, created to improve food security in poorer, marginalized communities through the provision of technical support through projects and programmes funded by grants and donations.

A Gross Margin is the calculated difference (margin) between the value of the OUTPUT of an agricultural enterprise less the variable costs (INPUT expenses) used to produce that output.
For some 50 years, Gross Margin analysis has been the go-to tool of economists, farm advisers and entrepreneurs wanting to know whether an actual or a planned enterprise, farm or project is earning money i.e. is financially viable.
A Gross Margin provides a single-figure estimate that combines the technical performance of an enterprise, the economic circumstances in which it is being implemented and is conditioned by the business acumen of the implementer.
As such Gross Margins may be used to:-
Assess the performance of a single enterprise, in the same project or on the same farm, in different seasons or years.
Compare the performance of different enterprises in the same project or on the same farm.
Compare the performance of similar enterprises in different projects or on different farms.
The TechTalk Gross Margin Calculator (GMC) is designed to provide an immediate read-out and global enterprise average for all users entering data.
Registered users, that is projects or farmers who have submitted details of their projects or farms to “TechTalk,” and have received a username and password and have logged-in, will receive not only the same read-out and global average, but will also receive down-loadable breakdowns of their performance, up-to-date league tables of similar enterprises by country and farm system; and, access to storage files for their data which they may revisit at any time.

UCAC - Membership Application

UCAC logoUndeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru (UCAC) is Wales’s own education union for teachers, head-teachers and lecturers – the only education union that puts Wales, and members in Wales, first.

SmartData, having supported a 3rd party application for a number of years were contracted to develop a replacement application for the organisation to manage their membership base including bacs processing. The solution provided was a windows forms application written in .Net and utilising a Microsoft SQL Server database backend. 

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NetEDI LogoElectronic data interchange (EDI) is the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means. It is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from one computer system to another computer system. NetEDI was a new company offering an EDI service between suppliers and retailers.

SmartData developed a secure web based front end for easy access for the customer combined with a .Net Windows service back-end that was responsible for decoding complicated EDI formatted messages. Our solution was even capable for accommodating future versions of the EDI specification with no requirements to alter the underlying code.


MyMaintenance are the only home improvement, building and maintenance service that combines the use of local pre-approved trades people, collective buying, combined with ease of ordering and knowledge of your property to bring you the best service at the lowest cost for the least effort.

SmartData were contracted to develop a secure on-line property portfolio and ticketing system to allow members to utilise a one stop shop for any property related issues. Our solution was developed using Ruby on Rails with a MySQL database backed.