Farm Assurance

With one of our longest working relationships with QWFC we were pleased be given the task of upgrading their scheme and membership management software to a modern web application. This application utilises the latest technologies and framworks to bring not only increased useability and performance, but a fresh look for the system.

This new system utilises Ruby on Rails and inolved a migration from Microsoft SQL Server to the open source Database Management System (DBMS) MySQL as hosting will be on a cloud based Unix server using Docker.

BISA Membership Management

Having developed the original Content Management System (CMS) and membership management application for The British International Studies Association, SmartData UK Ltd were asked to upgrade the system to bring it inline with the latest CMS release and provide a fresh look and feel in time for their 40th anniversary celebrations.

The new application was developed on top of the widely recognised open source CMS, Joomla and SmartData extended and restyled a cross platform compatible framework, to suit the clients requirements. 

The site can be viewed here.

Skye Instruments Ltd

SmartData UK Ltd were asked to tender for a software development that would breath new life into existing hardware, a weather station product.

The previous software that was available was not compatible with modern operating systems, as such a replacement was required. This new development was required to be Windows 7 & 8 compatible. Its purpose is to utilise a com connection to the device and support a number of basic functions via quick links, such as offloading instrument data, along with the requirement to support the advanced interface for character input and ASCII data display.

This upgraded software has already helped to secure a new client for Sky Instruments Ltd.

NRW - Landmap Portal

The landmap portal site was developed as a means to edit data, associated with Natural Resources Wales's Landmap project

This new web application utilises modern web controls and asynchronous callbacks in order to provide a responsive, spreadsheet like representation of the data which supports ordering, filtering and exporting.

UCAC - Website

UCAC logoUndeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru (UCAC) is Wales’s own education union for teachers, head-teachers and lecturers.

In addition to developing their in-house member management system, SmartData were commissioned to develop a Content Management System (CMS) for the client facing website. In addition to the standard CMS features for easy content manipulation, this development included a custom module that would directly integrate with their membership management system via data replication between MySQL and MSSQL database management systems, allowing for new members to sign up via the website and setup their Direct Debit payment instructions.


WLBP - Welsh Mules

WLBP logoSmartData were commissioned to create a basic content managed website for WLBP in order to provide information related to Welsh Mules sales. 

The chosen Content Mansgement Systsem was Joomla and, along side other WLBP CMS websites, the content is maintained my WLBP staff using Joomla's simple management interface.

WLBP - New Websites & Rebranding

WLBP logoSmartData were commissioned to create a number of Content Managed Systems (CMS) to replace their old static websites. This would allow staff to easily maintain the sites content and would create a new brand for the organisation and ensure that each site links through to subsidiary companies seamlessly.