Quality Welsh Food Certification Ltd.

Moss Jones, Managing Director

"We've used SmartData for years now and have found them innovative, helpful and efficient. They developed bespoke software to manage the Farm Assured Welsh Livestock scheme that has worked well from the start and has enabled us to manage the scheme cost effectively, producing valuable management information to monitor progress. We hold the company in high regard."


Livestock Marketing Ltd.

Jon Morgan, Managing Director

"We have had an association with SmartData since 2001 and during this time, they have been used exclusively for all bespoke software, database and website design. Working in conjunction with SmartData has enabled us to keep up with the increasing needs for automation of many of the day to day administrative, recording and analytical functions of our rapidly expanding procurement business. We have been very pleased with the professional level of service provided."

National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme

Derek Kennedy, Executive Officer

"SmartData developed the software and database for managing the NDFAS farm assessments. With the scheme covering the majority of UK dairy farmers, and with the involvement of milk purchasers, assessors and certification bodies in the process, it was essential that the data-base fulfilled the recording and reporting needs of all concerned in a straight-forward and ro-bust manner. SmartData took the time to understand our full range of requirements and have delivered a database that should ensure the on-going effective and efficient operation of our scheme."