Our most valuable assets are our employees. Their commitment to excellence, innovation and service is a key reason for our growth and success.
We are fortunate to have a group of talented people who work well together to make and deliver solutions to our clients. At SmartData, teamwork is essential, yet our people also have the freedom to work on their own, be creative and make their own decisions. We also encourage them to grow both personally and professionally.
We invest in ongoing training and development to ensure that our team remain at the cutting-edge of modern techniques and methodologies in software engineering. This enables us to deliver Innovative, Agile and Cost Effective software solutions for our clients.
Since we were formed in 1999, we have had core values of a commitment to safety, health and the environment, high ethical standards and respect for all people we come into contact with. We also are committed to working with clients to develop software solutions that meet and often exceed expectations.