WEBS - Scheme Management

WEBS logoThe Woodland Energy Business Scheme (WEBS) is a grant scheme managed by the Forestry Commission in Wales.  Many enquiries are received, a proportion of which progress to applications, awards and monitoring. A database application was developed to manage the full lifecycle of scheme activities and allow efficient interactions with the applicants.  Key requirements were accurate record keeping and audit trail, fast retrieval of records, the allocation of tasks to office staff, task completion deadlines and tracking of projects through each stage of the process to ensure all activities are dealt with in a timely manner.  The database is on a central forestry Microsoft SQL Server, the client applications are written in Visual Basic .Net and run on the office workstations.


A database driven software application developed to manage the farm assessments on behalf of the National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme.  It handles member assessments and certification, membership bodies, and assessors and their training. Its functionality includes data recording and analysis, report generation, assessment notifications and other correspondence.  Data on assessments of members is collected by a number of separate member bodies and stored in their database. The information in these databases is then replicated across the internet to the central NDFAS database which displays the certification status of members on the web site. Owing to this, the programme’s in-built security is very sophisticated so as to avoid one membership body’s sensitive information being hi-jacked or tampered with by another membership body.

Forestry Commission - WEBS

WEBS LogoAn application was developed for WEBS (Woodland energy Business Scheme) an organisation run by the Forestry Comission. The application helped manage the process of application and scheme membership. Successful applicants would be subsidised if they adequately utilised woodland to create energy.

Hologic Gen-Probe - Athena

A collaborative project undertaken on behalf of Hologic Gen-Probeto manage their scientific processes. The system automates the process of testing human genetic samples from the receipt of samples through testing to results entry and the generation of standardised reports. Athena is a platform-independent intranet application developed using J2EE (Java) on a Tomcat server, back-ended by a MySQL database. Reports are generated in a number of different formats (including HTML web pages, Microsoft Word documents and Adobe Acrobat PDF files) using XML, XSLT and FOP.


Livestock Marketing

SmartDatacreated the Livestock Marketing membership and livestock procurement management database to allow Livestock Marketing to be run by a small team from a single office with great efficiency. SmartData also develop and maintain the Livestock Marketing web site.

WLBP - Ddraig Scanning

WLBP logoAs a UCAS accredited scheme operator Welsh Lamb and Beef Producers are required to keep records related to their members for long periods. The amount of paper that accumulates had become a serious issue and it was even becomming a concern that the weight, in paper records, could potentially cause structural damage to their building if a solution was not found to the ever growing storage issue.

SmartData utilised a high capacity scanning device, designed and developed a custom component that utilsied barcodes and would allow paper records to be stored electronically, associated with a given member and linked into their existing Ddraig database application. This allowed for easy access to historical correspondence whilst also allowing the originals to be destroyed and meet the requirements laid out by UCAS.


CBS Parasitology

CBS Parasitology required a flexible sample tracking application that would allow them to easily record and manage large numbers of animal faecal samples as they move through the testing process to the end report/result delivery to the client. 

  • Features included csv results importing along with manual data entry
  • Barcode generation and scanning
  • Exports to Excel
  • Mail merges and Crystal Reporting
This solution became a stepping stone to a more complex application developed at a later date