Huck Stock Tracker

Huck NetsA referral from an existing client in the SafetyNet rental industry put us in contact with the manufacturer. Huck Nets UK Ltd manufactures and sells a number of different styles of nets including safety netting, sports netting and others. They required a stock management solution that would be robust, easy to use and flexible.

The desired solution was a simple stock tracking system that will enable users to track stock levels and locations within the warehouse to increase efficiency of production. The systeh also keeps track of wasted/spoiled stock.

Huck Nets UK Ltd

CCW - Landmap Collector

LANDMAP is a unique system, allowing information about the landscape to be gathered, organised and evaluated into a nationally consistent data set. LANDMAP Information is collected in a structured and rigorous way that aims to be as objective as possible. Its database contains both relatively objective information - such as rock type and historical information - and more subjective information, such as sensory responses and cultural interpretation. LANDMAP information can also be combined with contextual socio-economic information.

We continue to work with CCW in support of this and other projects to this day.



WLBP Ltd - Ddraig

SmartData have developed software that is used to run the organisations activities. This includes membership and the management of several UKAS accredited farm assurance schemes, including farm assessments and certifications. This project has provided exceptional value for money providing savings in organisation running costs in excess of £20,000 annually (verification can be provided if required).

Welsh Lamb and Beef Promotions Ltd

Innovis Genetics Ltd - Animal Tracking

A subsidiary of Innovis Ltd, that manages a number of nucleus flocks for the purpose of creating hybrid animals for the food industry. This company required an application that would record the information associated with clients, flocks, animals, breeding information and animal movements. Again, a modular application was utilised that could seamlessly integrate with legacy systems to ensure client information and lookups were not duplicated.

Innovis Ltd - Sample Tracking

A generic sample tracking application was required to support a continuously growing project list, each with multiple tests and unique requirements. To meet the clients needs, an modular, extendible application was developed that would support additional projects and tests as the company grows and their requirements change.
To date the application has supported the clients DNA testing results processes, integration with external laboratories and all direct out put to the end client. It has proved itself by supporting five unique projects each with custom logic loaded on demand by the core application.

UWA - Fit 4 Future

University of Wales Aberystwyth UWA contracted us to develop an online survey. The fit for the future survey is a national, online survey that was created to help farmers think about whether they, and their farms are fit for the future. The survey's questions have weighted answers and these are grouped into sections that are summarised and compared against similar farmers who have already completed the survey. The graphical summary will not only indicate the position compared to the average but will also provide suggestions and informative links to help farmers improve the way they manage their farms. This information allows them and their families to prosper in the future whilst supporting the environment and local wild life.

Adaptics Ltd - Sauria

Winslow is an international electronic components manufacturer and distributor. The Sauria software developed by SmartData provides an online searchable catalogue of their stock with scope for future expandability to support the requirements of full stock managements and integration with their electronic warehouse shelving system.
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