Windows Forms

Evolving Applications

Evolving Applications

The natural lifecycle

Change is inevitable in any software product with a long life expectancy. As an organisation grows or changes so should the software that used to help streamline the business process.

With the potential costs of software maintenance many times that of the initial development we know that it is important to develop software in such a way that the cost of future modifications is reduced as much as possible. 

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Forms Applications

Although the rise of web applications is prominent in modern computing, there will always be a place for Windows Forms applications which can make use of closer integration with the operating system.

Our team of developers each have 10 years or more experience in developing bespoke Windows applications.

Quartz Time Management

Utilise your most valuable resource efficiently

Quartz™ is a project/task based time management system that tracks user's activities and generates accurate reports for billing or activity planning.

One of your most valuable resources is your employees time. Being able to track the time they spend on individual tasks or projects will help identify inefficiencies and help with accurate billing and project planning.