SmartCare Support

Our primary goal is to take extremely good care of our clients so we pay particular attention to providing exceptional levels of support. 

Maintenance and Support Service

Our software is built to the highest standards and will operate in the way intended. However, there are times when you may need to talk to us for help in resolving an issue, finding another way of doing something, getting help resuming normal service following hardware failures or to get our advice and guidance on other issues. To achieve this, we developed SmartCare, an integrated, easy to use support service.
A SmartCare subscription provides a dedicated, responsive service aimed at resolving any issues as efficiently as possible. 

SmartCare Goals

We developed SmartCare to be easy to understand and simple to use. We also want it to achieve two things:-

  1. To provide real tangible benefits and value for money support.
  2. To maintain regular and efficient contact with our clients in order to be available as needs arise.

How does SmartCare work and what does it Cost?

Unlike traditional support contracts where you pay a percentage of your original contract value to cover support, we charge everyone the same, flat monthly fee of £75 for an hour of support time. Support time requirements may vary depending on the individual organisation’s needs. Payments may also be made annually by agreement.

SmartCare is available, from 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. (Extended hours by arrangement). Phone support calls will normally be answered within a few "rings", email support will normally be responded to on receipt. The time taken to resolve the issue will vary but work will usually commence immediately for urgent requests.

A one time setup fee of £75 may be charged to include registration and remote access to enable us to provide diagnostics and support on-line. This means we can handle any issues much faster and make your support time go further.

The membership fee is paid in advance either annually or by monthly Standing Order. This provides access to our phone support team and email support.
Time is recorded and usage is monitored at quarterly intervals.  Where there is under usage, time can be rolled over and used in subsequent periods within the same subscription year. Where there is over usage, you can buy more time at the reduced rate of £75 hour. This system means that we can cut down on administration effort and cost and ultimately means that we can pass this on to our clients in the form of lower monthly maintenance charges.

Do I need SmartCare to get support?

The quick answer is no, but SmartCare is more cost efficient, you also get priority and won't be placed behind other scheduled work. If you do not want to make the monthly or annual commitment and would like to obtain support only when you need it, here’s how it works.

  1. Call us on 08456 128 061. If we can take your call we will, if not, we will attempt to call you back within 24 hours if possible.
  2. To provide support, we will require either an order number or confirmation email against which we can bill you.
  3. The time taken to resolve the issue will be charged at a £65 per half hour (a minimum fee will apply of £65). This is logged on our Quartz time recording system for accurate billing. Invoices are generated monthly and a log of all calls can be provided on request.

Because our SmartCare members fund the cost of running our support programme, and better help us plan for time availablity, they will always take priority over non-members. This could result in a delay of several days before we are able to help you. You can of course email us, or access the help section on our web site to try to resolve your issue.